The Audio Journey

Welcome to the audio journeys. These journeys will take you through a guided improvisation through movement. To follow them please find a space where you can move and wear something that makes you feel good. You can use these journeys as a warm-up or also follow them as a creative practice.

There are five different options to choose from. We chose to offer these journeys with our voice only. In case you wish for some musical support feel free to play your favourite tunes in parallel to the journey.

Let’s get going!

Physical Painting

In this journey you will explore movements of painting translated to the whole body.

Exploring Groove

In this journey you will explore your very personal grooves.

Becoming Waterscapes

In this journey you will activate your body through the embodiment of water and immerse in an imaginary waterscape.

the strange accident of three sparkling drinks

In this journey you will become a sparkling drink with an unexpected destiny.

a sponge in the sea

In this journey you will connect to your breath and move with the idea of being a sponge.